Ok, enough with the face masks, the iced matchas, and trying to fit in a 10-minute walk after every meal.

Here is the self-care tip you need to hear for this week: Show up for yourself.

With whatever you are wanting to do, take action and show up—you don’t need to go all in, but you can start.

Here are some ways in which you can do this:

  • Do that thing you have been avoiding. All it is doing is taking energy away from you. Eat that frog—once you do the thing, you immediately will feel better.
  • You cannot make decisions for yourself based on seeking someone else’s approval. Stop asking for permission to do what you know you need to do. Follow your gut, and go for it.
  • You are allowed to walk away from things that do not require your energy or input. Decline that meeting, say no to that quick favour, and walk away from that gossip session in the kitchen.
  • Protecting your peace should always be your #1 priority. Walk away from the chaos and venture towards the calm.
  • Taking breaks for rest does not mean you are lazy. Watch that episode and take that nap—you will be more creative when you give yourself that grace.
  • You do not need to react or respond to everything. Let people be.
  • Do the exercise. You do not need to be an athlete—but it’s good for you, so do it. Move your body!
  • Make an effort to shake those bad habits. Make notes, take accountability, and shake them off. If you fail, try again tomorrow. You owe it to yourself to at least try.
  • People are allowed different opinions. Have open conversations, learn from other perspectives, and if you still disagree—that is okay.
  • Choose to be kind to others, but kinder to yourself. Just don’t be kak—to people, to animals, and to yourself.

Finally—shoot your shot. Just go for it!

You cannot fail—because you will always learn.

There are only two outcomes:

  • It may not work out—but it may direct you where you need to be.
  • It may work out!

Takeaway—you cannot say you did not at least try.

You owe it to yourself to show up.