Here are your reminders for the week ahead!

1) It is not selfish to take a break for yourself and give yourself that moment you may need.

2) Showing up daily does not mean you need to perform 100% daily.

3) Do not be in a rush to do it all.

4) You do not need to give attention to every email, every message, every call etc. all the time.

5) You can say No when you do not feel like doing something you are not obliged to do.

6) No amount of worry can predict or change the outcome.

7) What is meant for you won’t go past you. Trust the timing of your life.

Final reminder: If you have a bad moment in the day, do not give that moment the power to ruin your entire day/week.

You cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it.

When you repeat the moment in your mind, continue to relive it and tell everyone about it – you will circle back to how it made you feel and repeat that emotion, which will likely attract negativity into your day/week and make it worse.

Allow yourself to acknowledge what has happened, feel what you need to feel, forgive and let it go.

Positive thoughts create positive action.

Your affirmation for the week ahead: I am worthy of blessings and abundance.