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Here are your reminders for the week ahead! 1) It is not selfish to take a break for yourself and give yourself that moment you may need. 2) Showing up daily does not mean you need to perform 100% daily. 3) Do not be in a rush to do it all. 4) You do not need to give attention to every email, every message, every call etc. all the time. 5) You can say No when you do not feel like doing something you are not obliged to do. 6) No amount of worry can predict or change the outcome. 7) What is...

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10 reminders for your week ahead

You can handle whatever the world throws at you. Here are 10 Reminders for your week ahead, to keep you moving forward. 1) It is never too late to start over. You are not failing, you are learning. You are worthy of love and support and can try again. 2) You are not defined by your past, or the past of your family. You are worthy of having confidence in your abilities. Let go of your self-doubts and limiting beliefs. 3) You have the ability to take control of your life. Chase those dreams, do...

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6 ways you can be more productive this week

If you are feeling a little down, tired, demotivated, lost or in despair, I can guarantee you are not alone! There are a lot of goals out there that have been lost in the chaos of our day to day. Solution: Stop comparing your journey to others, stop putting so much pressure on yourself and stop being so critical. Curb that anxiety with a little momentum this week, and take control of your week with these six tips on productivity. Write your goals down By writing down your goals, you create a...

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How to reverse engineer your goal through 5 stages of future thinking

Starting your week off with a blank canvas. Journaling, drawing, creating vision boards are not only ways for you to escape your reality - they can be really helpful ways to release chaos from your mind, help you navigate through your thoughts, figure out what you want and how to get there. Whatever we want to create for ourselves - we need to visualise it, believe it and pen down the steps it will take to get there. When in doubt, resort to the following practices to help you push forward...

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