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Corprorate Self-Care
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Thoughtful Care Packages

Show your customers and staff they are appreciated with our comprehensive corporate gifting solutions.

Whether you’re planning a special event or encouraging some much-needed time off for someone valuable to your business, we have you covered.

In today’s fast-paced world, self-care is more important than ever.

Our range of self-care gifts are designed to help your employees and customers relax, recharge, and feel truly appreciated. From wellness kits to wellness events, we offer gifts that promote well-being and mindfulness.

Self Care Gift Boxes in South Africa

Available in South Africa. Email us at

Pick your Packaging

Decide on the packaging you would like your gift to be presented in. This could be a standard shipper, a more customised box, a bag, a jar or anything you would like.

Decide on your gift contents

Choose the type of products you would like to include in your gift. Depending on what you select, we can source these products for you or find something similar for you.

Add your branding

Decide on how you would like to include your brand. This could be adding a branded label, custom designed card or a gifts that we can customise for you.

Personalise your gift

Opt in for a printed note, custom designed card or a handwritten note with name tags on the gift to make your gift more personal and apprecaited.

send your gifts

You can choose to send your gifts all at once (for an event) or distribute them on demand as you may need them (employee or client appreciation gifts).

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