You can handle whatever the world throws at you. Here are 10 Reminders for your week ahead, to keep you moving forward.

1) It is never too late to start over. You are not failing, you are learning. You are worthy of love and support and can try again.

2) You are not defined by your past, or the past of your family. You are worthy of having confidence in your abilities. Let go of your self-doubts and limiting beliefs.

3) You have the ability to take control of your life. Chase those dreams, do those things. Nobody is going to do it for you. You are brave enough to take that first step.

4) A nourished and healthy body are necessary for a clear and focused mind. Listen to your body to understand its needs. Your mind, body and soul are all aligned.

5) Start prioritising your needs at the expense of others. Put yourself first. Set clear and healthy boundaries, for you. You are worthy of respect, and those who respect you will respect your boundaries too.

6) Give yourself the chance to chase your dreams. The limit only exists if you allow it to. If you want it badly enough, you will make sure you get it.

7) Everything in your life should be adding value to your life, not taking energy away from it. Walk away from anything that is not aligning to what what you may need.

8) Life often becomes uncomfortable and challenging when you are levelling up. Just because you are comfortable does not mean you have to stay.

9) Give yourself permission to rest, to forgive yourself or others, and to let go of what is weighing you down.

10) You have a voice, use it.